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The Improv Actor - Director

As improvisers we mostly focus on our acting, emotional choices, dialogue, environment work and complementary skills like character work, editing tools, music and choreography. What we sometimes forget while we wear our many hats on stage is that we also have to be the active director of our own improv show. I'm not referring to your actual show director who is observing you from offstage...I'm referring to your role as an Actor-Director.

Being in the mindset of the Actor-Director means that while onstage you are conscious of the following details: Stage PicturePacingFormAudience Response The first impression an audience has of your show is what they see. It can't be disputed, it's science. Light travels faster than sound. Before a word is even uttered, how you look on stage is what's important. Even the lack of light means something...if you choose to start a show or scene in darkness, there needs to be a reason for that.
Sometimes - especially for improvisers who are…