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A place to collect my improv thoughts


I've been improvising professionally since 1997 and have been an Artistic Director since 1998; first with Blue Screen Productions and then with ImprovBoston. Since I started, I have been keeping an ongoing journal of my thoughts and revelations about improvisation. Some have helped in the unique development of ImprovBoston, others have fallen by the wayside but all of them have been crucial in my development.

I didn't start improvising until I went to Boston College even though I grew up in Chicago, the mecca of modern American Improv. In a way, I am grateful for this. This allowed my ideas to develop outside of the tunnel vision and bubble of the Chicago Improv experience. While I am jealous of everyone who has had a chance to commit years to the iO, Second City, Annoyance models, I am happy that I had to seek out knowledge on my own in Boston. It's allowed to discover nontraditional concepts and to take different roads to the same goal. This has allo…